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Miluxy - Less is More!

Spend less money, less expensive potions and get more beautiful skin.

About Miluxy - a Beauty Product company

In 2016 a group of women working at leading global technology innovation and manufacturing business MiTAC, believed the company had the technical and design know-how to create a superior range of quality skincare products - to cleanse, tone, nourish and lift - at affordable prices.

As busy working women, they also wanted to create effective, unfussy beauty products that didn’t need a lot of time to use, or require the use of costly creams, but still deliver incredible results that made people feel and look good. Almost like going to a spa!

The result is MiLuxy. High quality design that feel good to use and incorporate the latest technology to deliver skin that looks and feels beautiful in no time at all, and doesn’t cost the earth.