Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the MiLuxy range. If your question can’t be answered below, please email us at and we will respond directly.

MC200 Sonic Cleansing Brush

The brush may not be charged. If you have not used it for a long time, you may simply need to charge it up. It is important to try and charge it for at least six hours before you first use the brush.
How often you use the brush depends on you and your skin type. It can be used on most normal/oily skin up to twice a day, while if you have dry or sensitive skin you may want to try it once a day to begin with, and monitor how it responds. It is also important to regulate what setting you use. If you are unsure to begin with, use the Smart Regime and follow the instructions as this provides different speeds for use on different areas of your face. Both regimes run for just one minute to avoid over-cleansing.
You can also try a softer or harder brush that may better suit your skin type.
Using this product for longer does not mean you will get better results – in fact you may damage your skin from over-use, especially if you have delicate areas or breakout of pimples. We recommend you keep to the one-minute regime and check your skin to see which of the settings (low-medium- high) works best for your skin.
The difference is the speed the brush oscillates. Low speeds are recommended for more sensitive areas, like the eyes, while higher speeds tend to be better for areas like your forehead.
Make sure you clean the brush, rinsing it in warm water after every use and rinse it before you use, especially if you have not used it for some time. How often you replace the brush head depends on how often you have used it (just like an electric toothbrush) so replace the brush head when you feel it is no longer as effective as it once was. If you are using the brush once a day, it should be replaced around every three months. Replacement brushes can be bought here.
There are three different styles of brush heads available – soft, medium, hard. Every new MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush comes with a medium head which suits most skin types but people with sensitive skin may prefer the softer brush. The hard brush provides a more vigorous clean and is best for body brushing to remove dry skin and exfoliate non-sensitive areas.
Absolutely. The MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush is designed to be used safely in and around water.
We call this the purging phase, the brush is “purging” out dirt from your pores. Here are some things you can try:
  • Make sure you don’t press the brush too hard on your skin. Let the sonicvibrations do the work.
  • Always start with the lowest settings or just simply use the Smart Regime and let it adjust to the area you are cleaning.
  • Maybe drop down to using the device once a day, maybe a night to remove the day’s grime from your skin.
  • Make sure you cleanse the brush after every use. Try using an antibacterial cleanser to rinse the brush head in.
The MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush does a wonderful job of gently but deeply cleansing your face with its oscillating bristles but if you want to remove make-up, especially eye make-up, it is simply better for your skin if you take this off first before starting to cleanse.

MC300 Sonic Skin Spatula

It uses ultrasonic waves to transmit high frequency ions – positive ions to thoroughly cleanse skin by pulling out dirt and grime, and negative ions to help penetration of moisturisers into the skin.
The four modes offer four completely different functions making this a very versatile product. You can remove blackheads efficiently and painlessly; you can cleanse, removing all traces of make up; “nourish” will pump moisture into your skin, while “pat” gives skin a great massage with the effect of fingertip tapping on your skin to firm and tone.
No, you should not use this in the shower but it does require water on your face in the “peel” mode to provide a medium for the ions to conduct through.
You need to fully charge the device before you. This is simply a matter of plugging into a USB socket. Make sure this is not in the bathroom.
We recommend using the Spatula no more than 1-2 times per week and for nolonger than five minutes. Excessive use may be harmful to the skin.

MA100 Eye Massager

You apply eye cream or moisturiser to your eye area and the high frequency vibrations of the MiLuxy Eye Massager gently pump the moisturiser into your skin. It works best when a cream has been applied to the skin.
You can use the MiLuxy Eye Massager as often as you like. We recommend a regime of just one minute per eye once or twice a day.
We don’t recommend using any high frequency devices if you are pregnant.
The MiLuxy Eye Massager works much better with an eye cream or moisturiser as it assists the effectiveness of the high frequency.
You may use the MiLuxy Eye Massager in the bathroom but we strongly recommend you do not put the device in or near water. Simply clean using an alcohol wipe.

MA500 Moisturizing Massager

Cleanse provides deep cleansing, nourish is great for deep moisturising (you can use a serum or your regular moisturiser) and lift helps to massage and tone the skin.
The high and low speeds allow people to choose the sensation they prefer on their skin during any of the three modes.
Cleanse option can be used every day, the nourish or lift option is recommended for use twice a week as some people may get blemishes from over-moisturisation.
Unlike the MiLuxy Cleansing Brush you cannot use this product in the shower but you can use it in the bathroom, just do not immerse it in water.