You can’t afford not to try this new MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush for clean, clear and radiant skin!

Sonic cleansing brushes have been around for a few years now and fans love the fact they deeply cleanse, exfoliate and unclog pores – leading to cleaner and clearer skin and, frankly, fewer or no pimples – but typically the ‘good’ oscillating brushes have been expensive and the bad cheaper brushes are, well, just that.

Until now either you spent a lot of money for a brand name or less and you get an inferior product but that is about to change with the launch of an amazing new product – the MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush - that costs less and works brilliantly using latest sonic technology to give everyone’s skin the best chance to look incredible.

Unlike other affordable products that merely rotate, and are just not as effective or as good for your skin, the MiLuxy uses sonic vibrations which oscillates the brush at over 250 motions per second to make your beauty routine faster and better than ever, unclogging those pores painlessly and effortlessly, removing dry and dead cells and creating the smoothest, most radiant look.

One of the big issues with cleansing brushes in the past is that people think that if you use it for longer or apply it harder to your skin, it’s going to produce better results.  Wrong!  One minute is all you need with MiLuxy and, best of all it is very easy to make sure you’re not going to overdo it.  Just switch it onto “smart regime” and follow the diagram to move from one facial area to another as the brush changes speeds automatically for each, so it helps to protect for your skin’s needs. Very smart! 

You can choose to use it in low, medium or high mode and choose to buy additional softer or harder brushes.

MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush is portable, rechargeable and completely waterproof so it’s perfect for using in the shower. By changing the brush head or speed you can use it on your body for exfoliating and cleansing of areas like your back, chest or top of your arms.   Just apply your favourite cleanser to your face or directly onto the brush and away you go!  In one minute your skin will look and feel better.

MiLuxy Sonic Cleansing Brush has a price tag of $179 and is available online


About MiLuxy:
In 2016 a group of women working at leading global technology innovation and manufacturing business MiTAC, believed the company had the technical and design know-how to create a superior range of quality skincare products - to cleanse, tone, nourish and lift - at affordable prices.


As busy working women, they also wanted to create effective, unfussy beauty products that didn’t need a lot of time to use, or require the use of costly creams, but still deliver incredible results that made people feel and look good.  Almost like going to a spa!  The result is MiLuxy.  High quality design that feel good to use and incorporate the latest technology to deliver skin that looks and feels beautiful in no time at all, and doesn’t cost the earth.


For further information please contact:
Georgina Grimekis or Gail D’Arcy
The D’Arcy Partnership
Telephone: + 61 2 9281 2230